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An important announcement regarding Guide to Reference

ALA Publishing, in collaboration with the Guide to Reference Editorial Review Board, will be sunsetting the Guide to Reference online product. The subscription website will continue to operate and be updated through January 31, 2016, but will cease taking new subscriptions immediately. Renewals will be accepted on a prorated basis. Beginning in February, 2016, we will remove the subscription firewall and make the Guide freely accessible to all visitors. At a future date (yet to be determined) the Guide will cease to be available online.

Guide to Reference began in 1902 as Guide to the Study and Use of Reference Books, a pamphlet published by Alice Bertha Kroeger of Drexel University. Over the subsequent decades the pamphlet grew into a major reference work that became a cornerstone of LIS training. The Guide was managed by a distinguished line of General Editors, including Isadore Mudge, Constance Winchell, Eugene Sheehy, Robert Balay, Robert Kieft, and Denise Beaubien Bennett. The print version of the Guide went through 10 editions, and in 2008 the Guide debuted as an online subscription service.

The decision to lower the curtain on this cornerstone reference work was a mutual one between ALA Publishing and the Guide’s Editorial Review Board. This has not been an easy decision. Both ALA Publishing and the Editorial Review Board believe that the Guide remains a valuable reference work, however the current business climate makes the continuation of the Guide impractical.

ALA Publishing extends it thanks and gratitude to all who have contributed to this storied reference tradition over the decades.

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