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Robert Kieft, General Editor

Like previous editions of the Guide, this one depends for its existence on the interest, assistance, and advice of many librarians who are not named as editors. The current editorial team would like to acknowledge all those listed below for their contribution of time, opinions, and expertise to the compilation and design of the current edition. That so many around the country have helped us compile and produce our edition is a tribute to the communal spirit of the profession and to librarianship's willingness constantly to rethink the ways in which we offer service to our users.

In addition to those listed below, I would like as general editor to thank personally the sometime members of the Advisory and Editorial Review Boards (ERB) for making the experience of working on this new edition a wonderfully stimulating and collegial experience. I am grateful for their work in reviewing and contributing to the categories in their charge, for their vigorous and well-informed counsel, for their helping to recruit category editors and shape the front matter, and in so many instances for their going the extra mile beyond the extra mile already traveled. Steven Hofmann and Alison Elms have done a wonderful job of riding herd on all of us and keeping things in order at ALA Publishing; without their attention to detail, this far-flung, decentralized project might well have succumbed to chaos.

I am keenly aware of the history of the Guide and am happy to thank the editors and compilers of previous editions for the "great tradition" they established. I would like especially to thank Bob Balay, general editor of the 11th edition, who got me into this and has provided advice and sympathy along the way. To the many category editors who started but for various reasons could not continue with the project, to those who leaped in to fill the breaches they left, and to those among the editors who worked beyond their initial assignments, I owe special thanks. Special thanks also go to the libraries at Columbia University, San José State University, and the University of Minnesota, as well as to the Westchester Library Association, for opportunities to talk about the Guide at public programs; to the chairs and committee members over the years of RUSA/CODES Reference Publishing Advisory Committee for holding public meetings centered on the Guide and its future; and to the many LIS courses that gave me class time to present the new Guide and its story to students. I am also grateful to the editors of RUSQ for column inches in that fine publication, to the editors of Choice for their kind permission to use material from their pages in the Cultural Studies category, to Bob Aselson and Eric Calaluca of Paratext and to John Dove of Credo Reference for their interest in our project, and to John Hubbard (University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee) for building the original website for the Guide.

Our thanks to . . .

ACRL Library and Information Science Collections Discussion Group
Elhanan Adler (Jewish National and University Library)
Claudia Alcalá-Iñiguez (University of Northern Iowa)
Lee Avdoyan (Library of Congress)
Kate Boesen (National Library of Australia)
Joe Bourneuf (Harvard College Library)
Wendy Bousfield (Syracuse University)
Prem Chand (Information and Library Network Centre)
Michelle Cloonan (Simmons College)
Philip Cronenwett (Darthmouth College)
Elizabeth A. Davis (Columbia University)
Carlos Delgado (University of California, Berkeley)
David Easterbrook (Northwestern University Library)
Phil Eskew (Indiana University)
Angie Faiks (Cornell University, Macalester College)
Adan Griego (Stanford University)
Robin Hanson (Muskingham College)
Grant Harris (Library of Congress)
Ilona Hegyközi (National Szechenyi Library)
Volker Henze (Deutsche Bibliothek Frankfurt am Main)
Steven Hoover (Trinity University)
Jennifer Jarson (Muhlenberg College)
Beth Juhl (University of Arkansas)
Harold Leich (Library of Congress)
Edita Lichtenbergova (National Library of the Czech Republic)
Ray Lum (Harvard College Library)
Mary Niles Mack (University of California, Los Angeles)
Stephen MacLeod (University of California at Irvine)
Sueli Maffia (Biblioteca Digital de Teses e Dissertações)
Lou Malcomb (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Eileen McIlvaine (Columbia Universtiy)
Danianne Mizzy (University of Pennsylvania)
Kent Olson (University of Virginia)
Miriam Palm (Librarian Emerita, Stanford University)
Terry Plum (Simmons College)
Debbie Rabina (City University of New York)
Marie Radford (Rutgers University)
Sharon Reeves (Theses Canada)
John V. Richardson, Jr. (University of California, Los Angeles)
Matthew Saxton (University of Washington)
Roberta Schaafsma (Duke University, Southern Methodist University)
Alison Scott (Harvard University)
Lynn Shirey (Harvard University)
Allen Smith (Simmons College)
Linda Smith (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Lee Sorensen (Duke University)
Linda Stewart (Cornell University)
Dona S. Straley (Ohio State University)
Helen Sullivan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Turid Teague
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Education and Social Science Library, Graduate Assistants
Mike Van Fossen (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Mary Wilkie (Center for Research Libraries)
Jill Young-Coelho (Harvard University)

And the libraries of . . .

Haverford College
Johns Hopkins University
Princeton University
Purdue University
University of New Mexico
University of Pennsylvania

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